About Zephyr

A Norwegian  renewable company with Nordic ambitions 

Zephyr is today a fully integrated wind power company, covering the entire value chain. From the first dialogue with landowners and local communities to project development, financing, construction and commercial operation of wind turbines.

We believe in renewable energy solutions that play well together – which is why solar power is also a new focus area for us. We have a local presence in Norway, Sweden and Iceland, with headquarters in Sarpsborg in Østfold.

Our owners are publicly owned and the values ​​we create thus go back to society, in the form of dividends, taxes and fees. The energy producers Østfold Energi, Vardar and Glitre Energi own Zephyr. Together, these companies have a portfolio with annual production of renewable energy of more than 5 TWh, mainly through hydropower.

Zephyr has extensive experience with renewable energy with one of the Nordic region’s most experienced wind power teams. We have solid knowledge of good management of natural resources and several of the key people in the company also have a background in hydropower.

We are a small organization, with heavy expertise and a large portfolio. Zephyr has built 700 MW of wind power in Norway and operates 550 MW. We also have a portfolio of development projects of 1000 MW, both onshore and offshore.

We have strong partnerships. Zephyr has led projects and built strong partnerships with leading environments such as Vestas, Siemens and Blackrock.

We live by our values: responsible, thorough and respectful.