Clean and renewable energy

At Zephyr, we believe that Iceland and the Nordic countries all have great potential in the development of renewable energy with sustainability in mind. We work on the utilization of different types of green energy, but so far the projects have primarily been in the field of wind energy.

Our projects


Municipality: Fitjar
Wind turbines: 55
Turbine type: Nordex 2,5 MW-N90 og NOrdex-N100 
Total height: 125 og 130 meter
Annual production: 320 GWh
Installed power: 110 MW
Start-up: 2013
Licensee: Midtfjellet Vindkraft AS

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Municipality: Borås
Wind turbines: 5
Annual production: 100GWh
Installed power: 30 MW
Status: Planned to be operational 2027/28

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Municipality: Lund og Sokndal
Wind turbines: 50
Turbine type: Siemens SWT 3,2 MW
Total height: 149 meter
Annual production: 550 GWh
Installed power: 168 MW
Start-up: 2017
Licensee: Tellenes Vindkraft AS

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About Us

Part of the green energy turnaround

Part of the green energy turnaround

Zephyr is a fully integrated wind power company, covering the entire value chain. From the first dialogue with landowners and local communities to project development, financing, construction and commercial operation of wind power plants.

We believe in renewable energy solutions that play well together – thus why solar power is also a new priority area for us.

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