Municipality: Gulen

Wind turbines: 25 

Annual production: 565 GWh

Annual power: 150 MW

Status: License denied

The Dalsbotnfjellet wind farm was planned to be built in an ca. 25 square kilometer planning area located at 500-600 heightmasl. The wind farm was to be connected to the power grid via a 19 km long 132 kV power line to Frøyset transformer station in Masfjorden municipality. The planned area is located within the proposed areas suitable for wind power according to the national framework for wind power. 

Zephyr announced this project already in April 2011 and received a license from NVE in September 2013. The decision was appealed to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy. The appeal process was postponed pending a revised application for network connection. NVE granted a license for a new grid connection in May 2018. This was also appealed, and both the wind power plant and the grid connection were pending in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy until the project’s license was finally rejected in June 2021. 

Visualizations of the Dalsbotn wind farm.