Municipality: Bremanger og Kinn

Wind turbines: 47

Turbine type: Vestas V136 4,2 MW

Total height: 158 meter

Rotor diameter: 136 meter

Annual production: 700 GWh

Installed power: 197,4 MW

Start-up: 2021

Licensee: Guleslettene Vindkraft AS

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Guleslettene wind farm is located in Bremanger and Kinn municipalities in Vestland county. The turbines are located in a spectacular mountain landscape with fantastic wind conditions and the plant produces ca. 700 GWh annually. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of about 44. 000 households. 

The wind  farm consists of 47 Vestas turbines, each with 4.2 MW installed capacity. It is connected with about 40 km with gravel roads and the main access is from Magnhildskaret . The wind turbines are connected to Linja AS’s 132 kV network. 

Guleslettene wind farm is owned by Guleslettene Vindkraft AS which is owned by BlackRock. Zephyr AS built and operates the wind farm on behalf of the owner. The wind farm was put into operation in January 2021. 

Traffic and safety 

Guleslettene wind farm is fantastically located, and the area is a popular hiking destination. Following the development of the power plant, the area has become more accessible than before, and it has been developed for walking, skiing and fishing. There are several hiking trails in the area, with parking both at the start of the hiking trail from Magnhildskaret and at the access road to the wind farm next to the service building. See for marked hiking trails. 

A 2.3 km light trail has been built from the car park. At the end of Langevatn, a ski lodge / heating room has been built and is open to everyone. A fishing pier has been made by Kupevannet, adapted for the disabled. Several places in the area, resting- and picnic areas have been made and a walking bridge was built at the east end of Langevatn to link the hiking trails. 

Everyone is welcome to walk in the area of the wind farm, but visitors must take precautions when the weather is bad.
Pay special attention during the winter as there may be a risk of snow or ice being thrown from the turbine blades or falling from other parts of the turbine. Keep a distance from the turbines and pay attention to the danger signs that have been set up in the wind turbine. Read more about icing and see icing and icing warning here. 

Contribution to the local community
Guleslettene Vindkraft AS has entered into an agreement with Bremanger and Kinn municipalities to contribute financially to support activities for children and young people. Once a year, locals are invited to submit applications for financial support for various activities in this part of the municipality. There is a committee consisting of representatives of the municipalities that assess the applications and distribute the financial support. See more info here. 

The landowners are compensated in accordance with agreements entered into. 

Guleslettene Vindkraft AS pays property tax according to current rates to Bremanger and Kinn municipalities. 


Guleslettene Vindkraft conducts extensive research into the effects that the wind power plant may have on migratory birds in accordance with conditions laid down by NVE. The surveys are ongoing over a period of two years – 2021 and 2022. Bird radar, song meters , and manual observations of birds takes place in the spring and autumn seasons. The Norwegian Institute for Natural Research conducts the research.

Etter utbyggingen av kraftverket har området blitt mer tilgjengelig og tilrettelagt for friluftsliv, med lysløype, varmestue, fiskebrygge og enkle bord og sitteplasser.