Municipality: Ålesund

Wind turbines: 8 

Turbine type: Vestas V136 4,2 MW 

Total height: 150 meter 

Rotor diameter: 136 meter

Annual production: 113 GWh 

Installed power: 33,6 MW 

Start-up: 2021

Licensee: Haram Kraft AS 

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Haram wind farm is located in Ålesund municipality in Møre og Romsdal county. The turbines are located on Haramsøya, on a cultivated mountain plateau close to the ocean with good wind conditions. The plant produces ca. 113 GWh annually, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of ca. 7,000 households. 

Haram wind farm consists of eight Vestas turbines, each with a 4.2 MW installed capacity. A long-term operating agreement has been entered into with Vestas Service for maintenance of the turbines. The main access is from Håneset. The wind farm is connected to Møre Nett’s 66 kV network at Alvestad. 

Haram wind farm is owned by Haram Kraft AS. Zephyr AS operates the wind farm on behalf of the owners. The wind farm was put into operation at the end of 2021. 

Traffic and safety 

Haram wind farm is wonderfully located with views over the sea and to the neighboring islands. The area is widely used for outdoor activities throughout the year. Feel free to take a trip on foot, by bike or on skis. The access road is closed with a barrier. The land owners continue to utilize the land on the mountain around the wind turbines. 

There is open access to the wind farm, but visitors must take precautions in bad weather. Pay special attention during the winter as there may be a risk of snow or ice being thrown from the turbine blades or falling from other parts of the turbine. Keep a distance from the turbines and pay attention to the danger signs that have been set up in the wind turbine. 

Contribution to the local community 

Haram wind turbines buy a number of goods and services from local and regional, including for operation and maintenance of electrical installations, road maintenance, harvesting, rental of warehouses and offices, cleaning, telecommunications services and more. 

Haram Kraft has entered into an agreement with Ålesund Municipality on financial compensation. This means that Haram Kraft voluntarily pays a property tax rate that is higher than the normal rate in the municipality. Haram Kraft has prepaid parts of this to realize fiber network to the North Islands. Parts of the annual payment will be set aside in a fund administered by the municipality to support activities / measures in the local community with a focus on children and young people. It will be possible to apply for support from 2022 and this will be announced. 

The landowners are compensated in accordance with agreements entered into. 


Haram Kraft will carry out investigations of the effects the wind farm may have on birds in the area in accordance with conditions laid down by NVE. The examinations must be done over three years. Start-up will be decided when NVE approves the program for the follow-up surveys and a competent consulting environment will carry out the surveys. 

Haram Kraft will also make noise measurements in accordance with conditions set by NVE. This will be carried out during the first two years of operation in accordance with the program approved by NVE. 

Contact person
Joakim Egeberg
Operations Manager
950 16 336


Haram wind farm is wonderfully located with views over the sea and to the neighboring islands.