Municipality: Flatanger og Namsos

Wind turbines: 20-25

Annual production: 350 GWh 

Annual power: 115 MW 

Status: At the MPE for final treatment

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Innvordfjellet wind farm is planned on the border between Flatanger municipality and Namsos municipality. There are very good wind conditions in the area.  When completed, the power plant will produce 350 GWh annually, which corresponds to the electricity consumption of ca. 21,800 households. 

Zephyr received a license to build a wind power plant on Innvordfjellet in 2014. The license was appealed, but later approved by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE). One of the requirements was to carry out further investigations of the eagle owl. The license was therefore put on hold for three years as the surveys were to cover 2018-2020. No new findings were made in the surveys; the nesting sites for the eagle owl were several kilometers outside the project area. 

In the license from 2018, there was a requirement to build and commission the Innvordfjellet wind farm during 2020, later extended to 2021. As a result of the required surveys of eagle owl for 2020, it was not possible for the plant to be completed by the end of 2021, and Zephyr therefore applied for a postponed deadline for construction and commissioning. 

In June 2020, Stortinget decided that wind turbines with a valid license should not be given an extended deadline for commissioning beyond 31.12.2021. Zephyr’s application for an extension of time is pending before the MPE for final processing. 

After the development of the power plant, we focus on making the area more accessible and adapted for outdoor life, with better hiking trails and simple tables and seats.