Kvitfjell Raudfjell



Kvitfjell Raudfjell

Municipality: Tromsø

Wind turbines: 67  

Turbine type: Siemens Gamesa 4,3 MW 

Total height: 150 meter 

Rotor diameter: 130 meter

Annual production: 780 GWh 

Installed power: 288,1 MW 

Start-up: 2020 

Licensee: Tromsø Vind AS og Raudfjell Vind AS 

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Kvitfjell and Raudfjell wind turbines are located in Tromsø municipality in Troms and Finnmark county, in a spectacular mountain landscape at the far south of Kvaløya with good wind conditions. The wind farm produces ca. 780 GWh annually, which corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of ca. 48,000 households. 

The Kvitfjell and Raudfjell wind farm consists of 67 Siemens Gamesa turbines, each with a 4.3 MW installed capacity. A long-term agreement has been entered into with Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy for maintenance of the turbines. About 55 km of gravel roads have been built and the access road is from Sjøtun. The wind fram is connected to Arva AS’s 132 kV network. 

Kvitfjell wind farm is owned by Tromsø Vind AS, and Raudfjell wind farm is owned by Raudfjell Vind AS. Zephyr AS operates the wind turbines together on behalf of the owners. The wind turbines were put into operation during 2021. 

Traffic and safety 

Kvitfjell Raudfjell wind farm is fantastically located, and is open for the public to enjoy on foot, by bike or on skis. The access road is closed with a barrier and the roads are not plowed through the winter. 

Following the development of the wind farm, the area has become more accessible as new roads have been built. There are marked hiking trails in the surrounding area. The most used hiking trail up to the wind farm runs from the car park at Sandviksletta and up to Laksetind. Kvitfjell Skilag runs ski tracks from Sjøtun on the east side of the wind farm. 

There is reindeer herding throughout the area, so pay attention when driving. 

Access to the area is open, but visitors must take precautions in bad weather. Pay special attention during the winter as there may be a risk of snow or ice being thrown from the turbine blades or falling from other parts of the turbine. Keep a distance from the turbines and pay attention to the danger signs that have been set up in the wind turbine. Read more about icing and see icing and icing warning her . 

Contribution to the local community 

Kvitfjell Raudfjell wind farm contributes with skilled jobs and Siemens Gamesa has eight permanent technicians in the area. The operations manager from Zephyr lives in the municipality. Kvitfjell Raudfjell wind farm buys a number of goods and services locally and regionally, such as for operation and maintenance of installations, road maintenance, plowing, cleaning, telecommunications services and more. 

Tromsø Vind and Raudfjell Vind have supported a number of local events and have a permanent sponsorship agreement with Kvitfjell Skilag. The kindergarten on Sommarøy has recently received a new barbecue hut for the benefit of the kindergarten children. 

Reindeer husbandry is compensated in accordance with agreements entered into. The landowners are compensated in accordance with agreements entered into. 

Tromsø Vind and Raudfjell Vind pay property tax in accordance with current rates to Tromsø municipality. 


Tromsø Vind / Raudfjell Vind investigates the effects the wind farm may have on birds in the area in accordance with conditions laid down by NVE. The surveys will be done over several years. It is Rambøll who does the research. 

Contact person
Turi Mikalsen

Kvitfjell Raudfjell wind farm is located in a beautiful and demanding terrain where there are winter conditions for large parts of the year.