Municipality: Kinn

Wind turbines: 11

Turbine type: Enercon E70

Total height: 99,5 meter

Rotor diameter: 71 meter

Annual production: 70 GWh

Installed power: 25,3 MW

Start-up: 2001 

Licensee: Kvalheim Kraft DA

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The Mehuken wind farm is located in Kinn municipality in Vestland county, on a plateau on Kvalheimfjellet. With excellent wind conditions the turbines produce close to 70 GWh annually. This corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of over 4,400 households. 

When Mehuken was completed in 2001, it was Norway’s largest wind farm with five Vestas turbines. The turbine capacity has been expanded twice with Enercon E70 turbines, in 2010 when eight new turbines were put into operation and in 2014 when the turbines from 2001 were taken down and replaced by three new turbines. Today the wind farm consists of eleven Enercon turbines, each with an installed capacity of 2.3 MW. 

The Mehuken wind farm is owned by Kvalheim Kraft DA, which is owned by the Norwegian renewable energy companies Østfold Energi and Vardar. Zephyr operates the Mehuken wind farm on behalf of Kvalheim Kraft DA and has done so since 2008. Zephyr also completed the development in 2010 and 2015. 

Traffic and safety 

Mehuken wind farm is fantastically located on a mountain plateau, frequently used as hiking destination. The trek to Mehuken is on a nice gravel road from the town of Movatna and is suitable for most people. From the plateau there are spectacular views of Kråkenes peninsula. With development of the power plant, the area has become more accessible, and many people use the area for hiking throughout the year. There are tables and seats for picnic. Visitors can also drive the access road to the wind farm. 

Visitors can use the area of the wind farm, but you must take precautions when the weather is bad. Special attention must be taken during the winter as there may be a risk of snow or ice being thrown from the turbine blades or falling from other parts of the turbine. Thus, it is important to keep a distance from the turbines and pay attention to the warning signs that have been set up in the area. 

Contribution to the local community 

From being an endpoint on the power line with unstable grid with frequent power outages, the area has gained a more stable supply. 

Mehuken wind farm contributes to society with skilled jobs. Enercon has two permanent technicians working on the wind farm. In addition, the operations manager from Zephyr lives in the municipality. Kvalheim Kraft buys goods and services from local and regional, such as for operation and maintenance of electrical systems, road maintenance, plowing, cleaning, telecommunications services and more. 

Kvalheim Kraft has entered into an agreement with Kinn municipality to contribute financially to support activities for children and young people. Each year financial support is provides by the power firm for various activities in the municipality. A special committee consisting of representatives of Kinn municipality assesses applications and distributes the annual financial support of NOK 75.000. 

Kvalheim Grendalag and Kråkenes Grunneierlag are also supported with annual operating funds. 

The landowners are compensated in accordance with agreements entered into. 

Kvalheim Kraft pays property tax in accordance with current rates to Kinn municipality. 

Following the development of the power plant, the area has become more accessible and adapted for outdoor life, with better hiking trails and simple tables and seats.