Midtfjellet 1 og 2

Municipality: Fitjar

Wind turbines: 44

Turbine type: 34 stk. Nordex 2,5 MW-N90 og 11 stk. NOrdex-N100

Total height: 125 og 130 meter

Rotor diameter: 90 og 100 meter

Annual production: 320 GWh

Installed power: 110 MW

Start-up: 2013

Licensee: Midtfjellet Vindkraft AS 

Midtfjellet wind farm is located in Fitjar municipality in Western Norway. Zephyr was responsible for the development of the wind farm, which was constructed in two stages with a total installed capacity of 110 MW. 

The wind farm was later expanded with a third construction phase bringing the total installed capacity to 150 MW. 

More information about the Midtfjellet wind farm can be found at www.midtfjellet.no    

Following the development of the power plant, the area has become more accessible and is used for outdoor activities throughout the year.