Municipality: Tranemo

Wind turbines: 7

Total height: 250

Annual production: 140 GWh

Installed power: 42 MW

Commissioning: Planned start of operations 2028

Licensee: Not licensed

Zephyr Vind AB is planning to apply for a permit to establish a wind farm northeast of Dalstorpasjön in Tranemo municipality. The project is called Ommaberget.

The wind farm is planned to consist of a maximum of 7 wind turbines with a total height of 250 meters. The wind farm has the potential to produce about 140 GWh each year, which is equivalent to one years’ electricity consumption of approximately 28 000 Swedish households.

The area in Ommaberget is currently used mainly as productive woodlands and Sveaskog is the largest landowner in the project area.

Early information about the project
Zephyr sent out a notification about the project and published a document on the website in autumn 2021, containing early information about the project. The aim was to inform residents and other interested parties about the planned project and invite to participation and communication in an early stage of the permit process.

Received comments from this will be considered in the Consultation report in the same way as other received comments in future consultation procedure.

The next step in the project is to carry out a consultation in accordance with Chapter 6, section 29-32 of the Environmental Code. The purpose of the consultation is to gather information and comments about the design and content in the environmental impact assessment and the upcoming permit application. When the consultation begins, it will be advertised on Zephyrs’ website and also in local newspapers. Consultation document with information about the project along with photo montages will be made available on the website.

Please contact us using the information below if you have any questions or if you would like to receive more information about the project.

A map over the area.