Municipality: (SEZ)

Wind turbines: 61-94

Total height: 260-340 meter

Annual production: ca 5500 GWh

Installed power: ca 1400 MW

Start-up: Planned start-up 2031

Licensee: Not licensed

Zephyr is, in cooperation with Vattenfall, planning an offshore wind farm outside the west coast of Sweden in the south part of Skagerrak. The project is located in the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone outside of the territorial boarder, about 40 km northwest of Gothenburg.

The project area is divided in to two subareas, Poseidon Nord and Poseidon Syd. Poseidon Nord covers an area of about 152 km2 and Poseidon Syd about 23 km2.

The wind farm has the potential to produce about 5,5 TWh electricity each year which is equivalent to one year’s electricity consumption of approximately 1 million households (5500 kWh each household/year).

The wind farm is planned to consist of 61-94 wind turbines with a maximum height of 260-340 meters.

As the wind farm is planned to be located far from land (about 25 km away from the closest islands in the outer archipelago), large sea depths must be taken into consideration, especially in the north sub-area. Therefore, Zephyr is planning to use floating foundations in the north sub-area.

The companies are positive about using new technology like the floating foundations as it allows for large-scale electricity production to be established further away from land and on depths that would not have been suitable for bottom fixed foundations. In addition, the floating foundations are also estimated to have a lower impact on, for example, demersal fauna and marine mammals.

The location of the wind farm is a result of very good wind conditions in the area and good possibilities for grid connection onshore.

During spring and early summer in 2021 a delimitation consultation was carried out. The result will be put together in a consultation report and presented in an environmental impact statement. Prior to the permit application, investigations are carried out which will form the basis of the environmental impact statement. The purpose of the investigations is to collect information in order to gain more knowledge about the marine environment and environmental values.

Photo montages

The photo montages illustrate how Poseidon can look from different places along the coast in Bohuslän, outside Gothenburg and Skagen in Denmark. The photomontages are made with 61 wind turbines and a total height of 340 meters. From Carlsten’s fortress, a photo montage with 94 wind turbines and a total height of 260 meters has also been produced. Photomontage named “symbol” clarifies the location of the wind turbines with red symbols.

The camera’s wide angle has been adapted to get as close to the experience of the human eye as possible. The image should be about 19 cm high and about 35 cm from the eyes.


The animations show how Poseidon can look during the day and at night from Carlsten’s fortress on Marstrand. The video should be about 19 cm high and about 35 cm from the eyes to visualize the true size of the wind turbines.

Visualizations have been carried out to give an understanding of the wind farms visibility from different locations alongside the coastal line.