Municipality: Lund og Sokndal

Wind turbines: 50 

Turbine type: Siemens SWT 3,2 MW

Total height: 149 meter 

Rotor diameter: 113 meter 

Annual production: 550 GWh  

Installed power: 168 MW

Start-up: 2017 

Licensee: Tellenes Vindkraft AS 

Tellenes wind farm opened in September 2017, being Norway’s largest wind farm at the time. The 50 wind turbines from Siemens are divided into three sub-areas. In total, the planning area has an extent of ca. 15 sqkm and the highest point in the project area is about 500 masl. The wind farm is built around the Titania ilmenite quarry. The wind power plant is connected to the power grid with a 9 km long 132 kV power line to a transformer station in Åna-Sira. The power produced is sold to Google through a 12-year power purchase contract. 

Tellenes wind farm was developed by Zephyr and Norsk Vind Energi and then sold to BlackRock, which is one of the world’s largest investment funds. Zephyr was responsible for the construction of the wind farm. Arise operates the wind farm on behalf of Tellenes Vind AS. 

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Tellenes wind farm was built and put into operation in 2016-2017.