Municipality: (SEZ)

Wind turbines: 66-91

Total height: 260-340 meter

Annual production: ca 5500 GWh

Installed power: ca 1400 MW

Start-up: Planned start-up 2031

Licensee: Not licensed

Zephyr Vind AB is planning an offshore wind farm in the Exclusive economic zone of Sweden, approximately 25 km west of Väderöarna in the northern parts of Skagerrak.

The wind farm, called Vidar, covers an area of about 201 km2 and is planned to consist of 66-91 wind turbines with a maximum height of 260-340 meters. The wind farm has the potential to produce about 5 TWh/year which is equivalent to about 4% of Sweden’s electricity demands or to the provision of electricity for about 1 million households in Sweden each year.

Within the project area there are large sea depths, between about 100-300 meters, and therefore the wind farm is planned on floating foundations throughout the whole project area. Zephyr is positive to using new technology like the floating foundations as it means that large-scale electricity production can be established further away from land.

Since the wind turbines will be placed further away from land, disturbances for the people living in the coastal strip will be less apparent compared to if the wind turbines were placed on shallow grounds closer to land. The floating foundations are also estimated to have a lower impact on, for example, demersal fauna and marine mammals.

An environmental impact assessment is being prepared to be handed in along with the permit application. If the required permits are obtained, the wind farm is expected to be operational approximately 2029-2031. As part of the permit process and the upcoming permit application, a consultation has been carried out.

You are welcome to contact the project manager at the details below if you have any questions or if you are looking to get more information about the project.

Visualizations has been carried out to give an understanding of the wind farms visibility from different locations alongside the coast of Bohuslän. The montages are based on a layout of 66 wind turbines and a total height of 340 meters.