Risk of ice-throw Kvitfjell Raudfjell

Risk of ice-throw

During the winter months, there will be periods when snow is formed or lies on the wind turbines. Then there is a risk of ice/snow falling or being thrown off. Please respect the safety zone 250 meters stated on signs in the wind farm.

IskastThere are several weather conditions that can cause ice/snow to fall off or be thrown from the turbine blades. The ice can build up on the turbine blades, snow can accumulate on the roof of the turbine house and icicles can be formed under the turbine house due to under-cooled-rain. During the winter months, there is always a risk of falling ice /snow from the turbine house and we therefore recommend to avoid the immediate vicinity of the turbines.


Important factors:

  • The risk for icetrow or falling ice/snow increases the closer you are to the turbines.
  • Pay special attention when the turbines are starting up after they have stopped.
  • Check the weather forecast. The risk of icing is higher with low cloud cover, when there is or has just been fog or precipitation and at temperatures around 0 degrees.
  • Look for ice or snow on the blades or other parts of the turbine. There may also be ice on the tower itself or hanging icicles from the top of the tower.
  • Never stay directly under the turbine – eat your lunch elsewhere.

The forecast below is based on meteorological data and indicates the probability that ice builds up on the turbines. The forecast is updated automatically 4 times a day and is a prognoses. It can therefore not be used as a clear indicator that there is no risk of icing. The warning is intended as a supplement to sign information in order to be able to evaluate your own risk.